About the Trager® Approach

                                                              Milton Trager, founder of the Trager® Approach

                                                              Milton Trager, founder of the Trager® Approach


The Trager® Approach uses skilled, gentle touch and movement to influence the central nervous system and assist with its re-organization and learning in the midst of deep relaxation.  This profound method of neuromuscular reeducation has a wide application and helps us to reconnect to our inner being which supports healing. 

There is a state of organic, natural movement that we have as children, that is something eclipsed through the course of our lives.  The Trager® Approach guides us back to that natural state where we move in ease and joy and freedom, explore sensations of lightness and balance, dissolve habits and patterns of tension and pain, find openness and peace within, and reawaken to the wisdom of the body.

During a Trager session there is no oil or draping used so clients wear under or yoga clothing during the session. The practitioner uses wave-like movements and rocking to enhance a client’s fluidity, comfortable range of movement to lull the body/mind into a state of deep relaxation.

Learn more at the United States Trager® Association's website.

The mind is the whole thing. That is all I am interested in. I am convinced that for every physical non-yielding condition there is a psychic counterpart in the unconscious mind, corresponding exactly to the degree of the physical manifestation... The purpose of my work is to break up these sensory and mental patterns which inhibit free movement and cause pain and disruption of normal function.
— Milton Trager, MD