Laura Lynn has had the honor of working with more than 20,000 clients throughout her career. Here is what a few of them have to say about her work:


"Laura Lynn is a rare therapist. She has the physical strength to do deep tissue when necessary, the patience to hold or move slowly as needed, and the intuitive sensitivity to feel or discern exactly what my body needs. I've missed her since we moved out of state." - David

“Laura Lynn is one of the best therapists I have had the privilege to know, and anyone is very fortunate to receive a session in any form from her.” - Kalia

“I felt like Laura Lynn was a ‘Sufi dancing master’ whirling around me, delightfully encouraging me towards enlightenment.” - Richard

"I had an hour long massage with Laura Lynn and it was fantastic! She has such great hands and knowledge. Five stars aren’t enough. I give her 10!" -R.M.

“Laura Lynn's massages are amazing. Her hands are strong and gentle and wise. She has an ability to massage the very insides of the joints, with manipulations of the limbs. I deeply appreciate her work.” - Marie

"I'm glad to have been informed of Trager, the Jewel, so to speak, of the "best" body work in town!! It is definitely more effective, in my opinion, in achieving great space and relief in any bodily alignment " -D.L.



"I have been longing for Laura Lynn’s massage since I moved from Hawaii.  I compare all other massages to her work.  Her sensitive, strong touch and wavelike Trager work is memorized in every cell of my body.  Imagining her touch helps me to relax!  I miss her healing hands in my life.  I will travel to Maui just to get a session from her.” - Janice

"Thrilled to get a last minute massage booked one day in advance with Laura Lynn! Always leave feeling 100% better. She is intuitive and in touch with what the body needs. It always feels like a new experience, she adapts to whatever is going on with my body, whether it's a sports injury, stress from life or illness looming. Worth every cent! Highly recommend going for 90 minutes!!" -S.F.