About Laura Lynn


Laura Lynn Giubardo has been doing bodywork for over 35 years working on over 20,000 bodies. She continues to take classes and learn. 

As a Massage Therapist, body worker, yoga student, mother of seven, and a spiritual seeker from the church of Kindness, her journey in bodywork began as a 19 year old on the big Island of Hawaii. She studied Lomi Lomi, shiatsu, sport massage, prenatal massage, and Swedish massage, among others. Her Level 1 Trager® training facilitated a transcendent experience as her diaphragm released; it enabled her to take a breath so deep that her life was transformed and has been growing and transforming ever since. She continues to apply the principles of Trager® in her life, and the lives of her family, friends and clients. She has seen other’s lives transformed by The Trager® Approach. She believes in the principles that Milton Trager taught to the core of her heart, and it is beyond her understanding why these principles are not taught in every school in the world. The body is a vessel that carries the soul; moving the body can help a person realize the potential of their existence. She remains forever grateful to Milton Trager for the gift he has offered, allowing her to heal, and assist others in their healing.